Rachel’s Employment Training Services

Matching the aspirations of the young to committed employers

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Youth Employment Agency for Essex Employers
  • 6 week targeted training and full candidate assessment
  • Perspective employees vetted for suitability for the job
  • 6 week employment with carefully selected employer
  • Employers option to commit to take on after 12 weeks
  • R.E.T.S responsible for wages until employer commits.
Essex Youth Employment Training Scheme
  • The opportunity to experience a real working environment
  • 6 weeks of functional skills training
  • 6 weeks employment
  • employees receive payment equal to the minimum wage
  • possibility of employment

The R. E. T. S ( Rachel’s Employment Training Services) is not a work experience placement scheme but rather “try before you commit” scheme. It gives the young person the opportunity to experience a real working environment and the employers the option to commit to take the young person.

The difficulties faced by young people today

In the United Kingdom youth unemployment as a proportion of 15 to 24-year-olds has increased at a faster rate over the course of the recession than both the European and OECD averages. International Lessons: Youth unemployment in the global context.

At a time where nationally unemployment is decreasing, there is a crisis in youth employment in the UK. Youth unemployment has increased in the UK at a faster rate than any country in the G8 since the start of the recession. For at least a decade, transitions into good work have been getting harder, more extended and more precarious for young people. Since the crisis of 2008 it has become clear that the worst effects of labour market changes have been felt by young people. In particular, youth unemployment in the UK has jumped dramatically and remains stubbornly high.

About R. E. T .S (Rachel’s Employment Training Services)

While work experience schemes have some benefit, it also reduces the time to look for permanent work. The R. E. T. S is not a work experience placement scheme but rather “try before you commit” scheme. It gives the young person the opportunity to experience a real working environment and the employers the option to commit to take the young person on if there are no issues. There are further incentives for the potential employee as they have the opportunity to receive functional skills training and the possibility of employment.

The commitment R. E. T. S is offering through employment and training, would allow everyone between the ages of 15 –18 a chance to gain a job and the training that is required to pursue a career which would carry them for the rest of their lives. Outcome is simple - JOB SATISFACTION for all candidates Our commitment is to allow candidates who have left school with the minimum qualification and experience to have a chance to gain a job that they would enjoy and aspire too. All R. E. T. S requires is a 100 percent commitment from the employers and the Candidates. In return we will provide a service that is guaranteed to put satisfaction back into work. R. E. T. S is committed to find a solution to youth unemployment all that is needed is a system that is fare and accessible to all young adults.

The funding has already been allocated to the youth through unemployment benefits. The incentive is to increase the payment through work incentives so everyone is happy.

Benefits to our Candidates These are repeated on employee page

  • To allow everyone to have a chance to find a job they feel they can aspire too.
  • Every candidate that is committed to the program is guaranteed a better future.
  • We will provide enthusiasm and commitment
  • We will provide candidates a chance for a better future with great transferable skills to embark on future prospects and careers.

Benefits to the Employers

  • Candidates are assessed fully by RETS as to their suitability to the employment position.
  • Candidates receive 6 weeks job focused training
  • Followed by 6 weeks employement with their matched employer.
  • The wages funded by government & RETS prior to the employer’s offer of work
  • An employer will not contribute to the candidates wage unless they agree to take on the candidate after the 6 week employment.

R.E.T.S will be working in conjunction with Rachel’s Training Academy in delivering a 6 week career focused training for all candidates.

About Rachel’s Training Academy

Rachel’s Training Academy was founded in 2007 by former secondary school teacher Tony Parsad. The Rachel Training Academy provides a thoroughly professional mobile home tutoring service of proven merit. Its aim is to raise each pupil's academic standards to an acceptable level commensurate with their age and ability.

Rachel’s Training Academy delivers expert, professional one-on-one tuition in a safe environment.


R. E.T.S will be lead by Tony Parsad. Tony brings a wealth of experience as a qualified teacher. He currently, specialise in English and Mathematics. The CCRS (Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) are amongst the other qualifications he holds.


The Employment training academy will be linked with the Rachel’s training academy.

The academy holds fast to one unassailable principle: that every child matters and that none is beyond help and understanding.

The geographical area to be serviced is within the Essex County these include; Southend, Westcliff, Leigh On Sea, Shoeburyness, Rochford Chalkwell, Basildon, Benfleet & Chelmsford